How UK Squash can capitalise on Euro success?

Is it not time UK Squash capitalise on success in Europe?

We were pleased to hear about success of both the England senior and junior squash teams at the Belgium Open Squash Tournament this month.

Aligned with success of Laura Massora, who ended 2015 as the world female no.1 in the PSA rankings; this brings about one question, in light of the recent squash courts removal at Bath Sports & Leisure Centre, this shows that squash in the UK is on the up. has GLL made a bad strategic move in removing the squash courts in Bath? Hell yeah!!

U17 Euro squash team

U17 UK Squash Squad – Photo credit: England Squash

Boost for next generation

In all honestly, this latest success in junior squash will inspire the youth to join a squash academy in their local community plus aligned with the senior squash success with a win 4-0 win over the Netherlands will add more inspiration for existing junior squash players with an extra motivation to go professional.

Sadly with removal of squash courts in the Bath Sport & Leisure Centre and other planned removals, will hinder the number of junior squash opportunities.

Time to put Squash on free to air TV

As for TV and other media coverage, in a previous blog post we argued there should be more coverage of squash on free to air television in order raise the profile of the sport, thus the success at senior level will only known to the die hard squash fans, but to Joe Public who knows tennis and football success and results.

Furthermore, there was no extensive mention in tabloid newspapers or even the broadsheets.

Come on England Squash and the PSA do a deal with Channel 4 or the BBC Sport to get squash in the households to boost greatest sport (as stated by Forbes) for being healthiest sport on the planet.