Spotlight on public outdoor Squash courts

With the success of Squash at the most recent in the Commonwealth Games in Australia, had a lot of people talking; however, imagine if how enjoyable if the Squash matches took place in an outdoor Squash court?

This may sound crazy or not feasible; but given the number of reductions in available Squash courts in the UK and abroad, perhaps outdoor courts would be a way of increasing participation.

The five reasons why public outdoor Squash courts can work:

  1. Keeps local parks more appealing – add to the sports activities in the parks
  2. Young people would benefit from it – great way to get coach young people outdoors and add to the marketability as a healthier sport
  3. Would make all round sports – come summer players can participate in different weather conditions
  4. Provide more opportunities to play – widening the participation for people who don’t have the opportunity to play at private clubs
  5. Help the Squash court crisis – the best solution to deal with the removal of indoor squash courts saga by leading private and public health & sports club operators.

These reasons make a valid case, how outdoor Squash can improve lives and bring a sense of enjoyment to people of all cultures.

US outdoor Squash leading the way with first outdoor Squash court

NYC Public Squash Court

Hamilton Fish Park, New York (Image credit: Public Squash)









Recently there was an intriguing development in Squash development across the pond, with the launch of the first ever public outdoor squash court in New York.

Open last month, the NYC Parks and Public Squash formed a partnership to bring Squash to Hamilton Fish Park, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. With Public Squash, they are charitable and educational organisation with a public welfare focus and aimed to promote Squash opportunities for everyone to learn and play the sport of squash in New York City and around the world.

Private and public collaborations 

For some private companies are struggling for ideas in diversification, it would make perfect business sense for them to collaborate with the public sector, especially when providing opportunities for young people plus helping older people improve their health.

Let makes outdoor Squash global

With the first ever public outdoor court in the New York, it won’t be long before other Squash playing countries such as the UK follow suit.

Taking it one stage further, why not global professional outdoor Squash competitions; imagine outdoor professional Squash matches on par just like Wimbledon, the highlight of Tennis of the ATP tour and the sports summerfest in the UK.

Just thinking of the ideal locations in the UK for public outdoor Squash courts are Hyde Park and Battersea Park, as well as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London would make ideal location given the legacy.

When you look at the outdoor sporting landscape across the UK and other countries that have good weather; it does not take a genius to notice that outdoor Squash would be good to see and there could professional outdoor Squash tournaments.

For more information on the Public Squash organisation visit: