Spotlight on Squash’s greatest player – Jahangir Khan

When you think of Squash, you will always associate Jahangir Khan as the name associated with the sport.

Jahangir Khan

Jahangir Khan (Photo credit:

Recently, our friend, Stuart Sharp of the Angeli Symphony; released a short documentary on the squash known as the Conqueror.

In addition, Stuart also wrote the musical score to accompany the documentary too.

The documentary looks at his journey from playing Squash in his native Pakistan to accomplishing the following accolades in the sport:

  • Youngest World Amateur Champion (aged 15)
  • Youngest British Open & World Champion (aged 17)
  • Unbeaten in 555 consecutive matches over 5 years and 8 months – the longest winning streak of any sportsman
  • 10 time British Open Champion (1982-1993)
  • 6 time World Champion
  • Played the longest squash match in history (2 hours, 46 minutes)

As a child growing up in South London during the 1980s, I would always read news articles and watch news segments on Jahangir Khan Squash matches against other Squash greats.

Too many young Squash professionals, he is a hero that inspired that made many young people of all backgrounds get in the sport and still is now.

Since retiring in 1993 from Squash on the professional world tour circuit, following Pakistan’s victory at the 1993 World Team Championship in Karachi, he was appointed to governmental roles in sport in recognition of his success in sport notably:

  • 1997 – Vice-President of the Pakistan Squash Federation
  • 1999 – Vice-President of the World Squash Federation (WSF)
  • 2002 – World Squash Federation President
  • 2004 – President of the WSF at the International Federation

In 2008, the London Metropolitan University presented Jahangir Khan was presented with an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy for his contributions to the sport.

For more on Stuart Sharp visit:

If you want to read more about the Squash legend, there is also a book titled: Jahangir Khan 555: The Untold Story – Behind Squash’s Invincible Champion and Sport’s Greatest Unbeaten Run by Alan Thatcher and is available on