Key trick shots in Squash

Squash is a fantastic sport, and its popularity has been growing recently; while squash is easier to learn than it is looks, there are some trick shots will help you improve your game.

Trickshots in Squash

When it comes to performing any trick shot, make sure you have enough space so that players cannot interfere with each other, but not too much space! As you can prevent injuries to yourself or your opponent during gameplay like being smacked by a racquet handle or running into another player accidentally while trying not only keep up with but also anticipate where incoming shots might land next!

Ideal trick shots to adopt in game

Just like Squash’s racquet cousins Badminton and Tennis, trick shots are good way of maintaining yours playing ability on the court and aid your performance.

Furthermore, trick shots can be performed in a practice game with a friend, plus are a great way to ease pre-match nerves, if competing in a major tournament:

Wheel Shot
The wheel shot is a great way to hit the ball on the side of your racquet. When you do this, it will travel forward in an opposite direction. This shot requires a good grip on your racquet and balance as well.

To try this shot out, start by holding your racket in front of you with both hands, keeping your arms straight; then swing back and forth while keeping an eye on where you want to hit the ball. When ready, strike the ball with force using just one side of your racket (the right side if hitting right-handed).

Soft Drop Shot
The soft drop shot is a shot that is hit softly. It can be used as a surprise shot, and it can also get the ball back into play if you are short of the back wall. You can use this to change up your game or get past an opponent.

Backhand Drive
This shot is a variation of the Backhand Topspin, where you hit the ball with your backhand. In this case, the ball should bounce off the front wall (not over it) and then rebound to hit it again on its way back to you.

The crucial thing here is that you have to hit it so hard that it bounces twice before returning to you. You can keep practicing this until you master it or just get frustrated enough to quit trying!

Cross-Court Drop
The cross-court drop is one of the most common trick shots in squash. It is also one of the easiest to execute, as it does not require much power; you simply need to hit the ball at an angle and with a short swing.

The Boast
The boast shot is an excellent way to get a ball over the sidewall. It can be used to good effect when you are behind in a game and need to retrieve some balls, or if you have an opponent who plays very defensively, waiting for you to make mistakes so they can win the point.

It is also great at helping you gain control of the front part of your court, which leaves your opponent with no choice but to hit out into one of two corners where they will likely miss or give up control again.

Reverse Nick (Volley)
This trick shot is not named after England squash legend, but is a volleying technique that he is used in many of epic matches.

With a Reverse Nick, it is a good trick shot because it is easy to learn, looks cool and it is useful in games, as you can use it to hit the ball back over your opponent’s head if they try to attack you from behind.

To execute a Reverse Nick, start by hitting the ball with your racket in an upward motion perpendicular to the wall of your squash court. Then, instead of hitting the ball again when it bounces off one sidewall and comes back toward you, hit it once more before it hits anywhere else on its way down into your opponent’s court.

This will make it go through their court instead of just stopping at one end or bouncing off another wall behind them!

Practice makes perfect

Trick shots are fun to play, but they can also be a great way to warm up before a match. The first step is to pick an object or area that is within your reach.

Once you have chosen an object, and then set up some cans or bottles on the floor next to it.

For the sake of this exercise or extra Squash training, let us say you are going to try to hit a can with a squash ball without hitting any other cans or bottles in between them.

Add to your squash repertoire

Any of these trick shots covered are a good start to your squash repertoire; the more you practice them; you will get you started on your way to becoming an awesome player and dominating the court.

Most Squash coaches recommend that when playing trick shots is keeping your eye on the ball at all times—this will ensure that you do not lose track of where it lands.

If possible, try not to move around too much while playing these kinds of trick shots; as it’ll make things easier if everyone stays put while taking their turn trying out one new trick per round!

Be warned, if you perform a trick shot in a competition just make you the ability to execute it perfectly.

To sum up, always to continue improving your squash game, keep working on the basics: serving, volleying, rallying, and returning serve. You can also try watching videos online or attending a local Squash meetup if there is one available in your area! Good luck!