Why politics does not belong in Squash

This month was supposed to the World Squash Team Championships – sadly, due to apparent political issues between Israel and hosts Malaysia, there is no final major Squash to see out 2021.

Squash and Politics

Also, the news of an outbreak of omicron virus – made things worse for Squash in terms of international tournaments taking place.

Both these factors are out of the teams control, but the political issues are very uncalled for – especially as things were on up in the world in terms of normality and guidelines were in place to tackle the pandemic.

Now whatever the issues between Malaysia, the hosting nation and Israel, there’s no need for it when it comes to Squash, either way sport are a good way of bringing countries together and making peace.

On social media, there have been stories of alleged racial discrimination against Israel by Malaysia – now if this proved to be true; it is advisable that there is going to some full-scale investigation by the authorities – the national governing bodies.

Personally, it is not a racial issue as Malaysia is friendly country and diverse.

So what are the social ramifications of political issues in Squash? Well there is a few….

Role models for Grassroots

With no world team Squash championship tournament, taking place could have a serious impact on grassroots in the context of funding and publicity.

Grassroots Squash

How you may ask? Every young squash athlete has a role model in Squash whether they are from their own country or another country, thus seeing them embroiled in some political scandal could deter them in playing Squash in a professional context.

Furthermore, when a country does in a major Squash you know for fact that the government will want to capitalise on it and will support it all the way especially if it means bring the sport into schools.

Possible alienation amongst players

Squash has always been seen as a sport that is friendly with a degree of professional etiquette when players are in an ultra-competitive rally on the court.

Now given the issues between Israel and Malaysia could potentially see alienation amongst players, in terms of global friendships in the sport in the context of cultural relationships between countries.

Some of Squash pros taking the tournament are friends with their fellow competitors and there no doubt the postponement of the tournament could cause some of rift if there are political issues amongst countries.

Malaysia has a good record of accomplishment in competitive Squash, let us not forget the country has produced one of greatest women players, and she is one of global ambassadors for the sport too.

Sends a negative message to sponsors

Cancellation of major tournaments is poor for sponsors who are looking to be associated with Squash – especially when it comes to their marketing budgets.

Now the sponsors who were involved in Men’s World Team Championship must be chumping at the bit that the tournament was cancelled, nevertheless the organisers will need to ensure they comeback on board and get the nations to show a united front.

Obviously, the sponsors would have been annoyed to see the name associated with negative press.

Thankfully, there is a good way to win back favour with them, once the tournament is rescheduled – remember Squash is known for a healthy sport.

Final Thoughts

With all issues that the world has faced in the last 20 months, an issues of politics in the sport is not good – especially as Squash is going a through a revival in order to gain popularity with a new generation, who perhaps have family members who at one enjoyed the sport.

Personally, it is hard to understand why a great nation like Malaysia has an political issue with Israel – we never know if it’s something to do with between the governments or something else.

Either way, Squash should not have to suffer or be embroiled in such a thing,

Moreover, the Israeli Squash Team gets a chance to play in competitive tournament as a means to get their youth interested in the sport.

Let us hope the Mens World Team Squash Championship takes place in 2022, as it would be an excellent addition to 2022 Commonwealth Games aligned with together major Squash tournaments, thus making the sport a high profile activity in 2022.