How Squash got mobile friendly

Everything nowadays is mobile friendly – ordering food, booking tickets for a movie – so how about Squash coaching by your smartphone or tablet device?

With the mobile phone developments in the last few years, notably apps like Uber, Just Eat, and Instagram, it has been interesting to see the development of a Squash for the smartphone user.

Squash Coaching Mobile App Squash Labs

Like most things, mobile apps will forever be forever part of our day-to-day routine, but for the avid sports enthusiast it will have a greater impact as people will either want to watch sports highlights or play a game on a sport app – but how an app to monitor playing progress.

Squash Coaching on your mobile

Not only is there the Professional Squash Association, England Squash and Interactive Squash apps available on Android (Google Play) and iOS (iTunes store), recently I came across a new squash app for your smartphone or tablet called SquashLabs developed Australia squash legend Liz Irving, former world no. 2, world squash champion, and Director of the Elite Squash Academy.

The following below is screenshots of the app:

Coaching Videos Progress Tracker Nicol David Fan Progress Log

Whether you are a recreational player or a novice Squash player, under the coaching of Liz the app will guide you and help you to take your squash game to the next level, with a range of easy to follow videos based on your level of play.

In a nutshell, Squash fans will receive a online masterclass from a true Squash pro – what’s even better you learn off the court as well.

Squash gets Emojis

Squash Lab emojis

Do you communicate to your friends with Emojis? Now imagine if you on Twitter or texting a friend via WhatsApp for a game of squash – why not use a SquashLab Emoji.

Squash Labs have developed a range of Emoji’s for squash fans, thus these will be added enjoyment.

As part of the SquashLabs mobile apps product – the SquashLabs Emoji, is a development between Liz Irving and 8-time Squash world champion Nicol David, together have created their favourite Emoji’s to share with you to have fun downloading.

Oddly enough, Courtcraft a Manchester based squash court maintenance company; last year launched a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag of #SquashEmoji – to generate popularity of the sport. End result, there are more people playing squash.

Great engagement for Squash enthusiasts

To sum up, these technological developments on Squash show how the sport is embracing the mobile world – especially with online forums with the apps to allow fans to engage with one another.

With the Squash Labs, their mobile app is a great innovation to introduce people to the sport and aid their playing techniques with a hint of coaching. Overall, Squash can be and will become the technological advanced sport to learn and play, as well as fun for all ages.