Why celebrities love to play Squash

Squash is often seen as a sport that highly played by business professionals, this not so as it emerged that in the world of celebrity there some who love and play the sport with a passion.

Recently, EE, a telecommunications company, launched a new advert featuring Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon (star of movies Footloose and Hollow Man) and an EE customer playing Squash – now this shows the sport in an excellent profile, in addition a great association with a well known celebrity and brand – who knows EE may want to sponsor a Squash tournament….

Source: EE YouTube Channel 

A-list participation in Squash

So, why is Squash a popular sport with celebrities? Well, it is actually, because of the health benefits – one such celebrity stated that playing Squash helped improve their wellbeing – now if this not a great endorsement of the sport than what is. The following celebrities from music, movies and other sports are fans of Squash:

  • Olly Murs (Singer)
  • Michelle Yeoh (Actress)
  • Tapasee Panu (Actress)
  • Daniel Riccardo (F1)
  • Eddie Murphy (Actor)
  • Stefan Edberg (Tennis)
  • Roger Federer (Tennis)
  • Kevin Keegan (Football)
  • Ellery Hanley (Rugby League)
  • Tommy Steele (Comedian)
  • Don McLean (Comedian)
  • Ming Tsai (US celebrity chef)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Cricket)
  • Kapil Dev (Indian Cricket)
  • Hugh Jackman (Actor)

From this list of celebrity Squash players, each one enjoys playing the sport as it helps in preparation for their respective profession.

Squash has also been parodied by comedy legends the Two Ronnies (credit: ‎kitch77)

Endorsement to boost Olympic bid

With an endorsement from either one of these celebrities (including the sport ones), could help with the bid to get Squash featured in the Olympic Games.

Oddly enough, a certain English football player helped London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics Games – despite football not being a high profile sport in the tournament.

Michelle Yeoh gave her backing the Olympic bid for Squash, now if the other celebrities could do the same, (especially one Marvel legend) it would show the unity of the sport.