Squash (showcase) at the Youth Olympics

Last week, we were pleased to hear that Squash was confirmed as a showcase event at the 2018 Youth Olympics Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Despite being a showcase event – July 6 will be remembered as one of the most important days in the history of Squash, as it will forever be remembered as the first time ever the sport will be showcased on the Olympic programme.

However, for the more serious ones hope this cascade to Squash being featured as one of the many events of the 2024 Olympics Games.

With so many grassroots squash initiatives across the world, it is going to be great to see so many nations – notably ones from the Caribbean, take part in the squash category of the Youth Olympics of 2018.

Little do people know, Squash is an official sport of the Pan American Games since 1995; from which, Argentina has achieved silver medal success with the likes of Canada, USA, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil the leading nations with a strong Squash heritage.

Brand new collaborative partnerships

Squash now has a new friend in the form of the Argentinian Olympic Association, who have worked very hard with the World Squash Federation to lobby with the International Olympic Committee to get Squash in Youth Olympics.

Given all the setbacks over the years with the IOC for Squash, relations between the two will be gradually be healed, as the sport will take centre stage of the Youth Olympics, from which it will gain plenty of attention.

Growth in squash participation

To conclude, even though Squash is going to be showcase event of the 2018 Youth Olympics, but we truly can expect to see a growth in participation to increase, and see less removal or closure of squash courts/academies.

Let us forget, this milestone is a major historic first for Squash. In the spirit of competition, the event will show which country is the best at squash – which will translate to the being an official sport of the Olympics Games like its racquet cousins.