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Best Squash news stories of 2018

A look at our favourite news worthy stories of Squash in 2018, from the UK and overseas; which have shown the sport in a positive light and have inspired people of all ages and cultures to take up the sport. Along with making a positive affect on the sport come 2019, in boosting more participation.

Leo Au Nicol David Asian Games 2018

How Squash was made popular in Asia

Asia has produced some of the greatest Squash players to ever grace the sport, most notably Jahangir Khan, Nicol David and many more; ironically this years marks 20th anniversary, since Squash has enjoyed an strong association with the tournament and could be the reason its popularity of sport in the continent.


Why SquashFORWARD will boost Squash participation

A look at how the new joint initiative by World Squash Federation (WSF) and Professional Squash Association (PSA), involving younger Squash players will help only not boost participation of the sport but will help sustain and bring about innovation to the sport too.

Lagos International Squash Classic

Nigeria’s premier Squash tournament

A look at only African’s Professional Squash Association premier Squash tournament in which the world best Squash players took part and how the tournament will help shape the sport at a grassroots level, as well as encourage more Squash cultural diversity.