Welcome new partner and Think Tank board

We are pleased announce our new affiliate partner and Think Tank board, following a last few months of discussion, in order help with a few strategic decisions and help in the future direction of the company.

Furthermore, we will be making some new changes in 2019, in order to move forward.

Some of these changes, will include being more open to collaboration with organisations, whose brand values match our values, in our mission of bringing about community cohesion through Squash.

In return, we lend our expertise and support of their company’s mission and brand vision to meet their company short-term and long-term objectives; plus bring about a collaborative advantage.

Affiliate Partner

Dark Peach

Therefore, in terms of strategic partnerships, we are pleased to announce for 2019, joining alongside our affiliate partners portfolio is Dark Peach Clothing Ltd, an urban clothing company based in Kent; whose founder is a family member of our founder.

Think Tank Group

From a board prospective, we have put in place a new Think Tank board. Like most businesses, with a Think Tank board, they help in advising the board on making important strategic decisions with the business, regardless of its size or business model.
We are very fortunate to have recruited a group of talented people, based in London and Sussex, whose backgrounds consists in Customer Experience Management, Multimedia, and Founder of Athleisure Clothing company.

Further collaborations will be announced in due course. With these developments, we as a company are primed to push forward with our updated plans for 2019 and beyond to promote Squash to a wider audience.