Why senior citizens enjoy Squash

Ever wondered why senior citizens enjoy Squash? Well it down to the fact it is a great way of keeping fit and the younger senior citizens in the over 40s taking up the sport again as way to improve their lifespan.

This shows the appeal of the sport across the generations, especially playing tournaments against young competitors. It would not be surprising that these senior participants could have been junior squash champions, back in their youth.

Throughout the history of Squash there has been great regional junior squash champions, who have played well and have gone on to become a full time squash professional playing in tournaments across the world, but sadly the ones who do not make it.

Why is this happening? Like most sports, there is no age limit of playing in Squash – some older people now play squash as a way to lose weight and keep the heart moving, as well as social with their peers as part of plans to keep socialising throughout during retirement.

There are some interesting stories about the older generation playing the sport, from which can inspire junior Squash athletes to see that they can continue on playing the sport, even if they do not make it as full-time professional:

Squash helps with weight loss, past 40

Despite two years away his 50th, one such individual, Chris Scorah, 48 (below) made a return to squash after 33 years and lost a stone 3 months having rediscovered Squash again. Oddly, Chris was a good county level player. Despite, working in a sedentary job and playing squash again has helped psychologically, in addition to improved his sleeping pattern.

Chris Scoran

Chris Scorah, 48 (Photo credit: The Guardian)

England’s oldest Squash Player

Now there is Lance Kinder aged 80, now he did not take up squash until he was 40 and has gone to have a successful career representing England on 69 occasions and won a number of singles and double titles in masters and veterans categories.

Lance Kinder

Lance Kinder – Britain’s oldest Squash Player (Photo Credit: England Squash)

The Old Guards v the young guns

Imagine if you will a team of men’s squash veterans with a combined age 335 playing a team of young players old enough to their grandsons? Tavistock Squash Club took on Plymouth University’s third tier Squash team in Plymouth Company Squash League match. The result was the veterans winning 3-2, with the oldest player of 70 in the final heat – this proves that you can still win against the youth even if you are a pensioner.

tavistock squash club

Tavistock Squash Club and Plymouth University Squash 3rd Team (Source: Okehampton Today)

Squash is played by all regardless of age

To conclude, it would be interesting to see live broadcast of senior squash tournaments or even better a Squash Masters event at famous venue – which allow squash fans to see the legends of the sport play against each other.

The stories of Lance and the Tavistock Squash Club veterans are a great example of how playing squash helps senior players prolong their lifespan. What is even better, it would be these senior players even go on to take part in regional squash tournaments against former pros which proves to be the added tonic in playing well into past their pension age.