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Collaborate with us in developing squash opportunities for young people in your community.

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The Onyx Squash Academy team and associates have extensive experience of health and squash club operations (including squash coaching), aligned with a background of traditional and digital marketing.

By partnering with us, we can help your facility not only increase your membership base but help retain them with a range of retention product/services that would appeal to them.

Why Partner with us:

Our founder and his associates has a strong background in health and squash club operations, (including squash coaching) aligned with an his extensive background of strategic marketing, with the ability to get your club highly ranked on Google.

By partnering with us, it will have no impact on your resources or development budget, in addition give your club an collaborative advantage over your competitors.

What we offer:

  • Business growth with increased brand awareness and effective lead generation
  • Guest blogging opportunities, which can increase traffic to your website
  • Help with achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives in your local community
  • Long-term support for your business with assistance from our own professional network
  • Support with your strategic and tactical marketing initiatives (saving monies on agency fees)

Types of organisations we would like to partner:

Independent Health Clubs

If you are an autonomous health club operation with 2 or 4 squash courts, we can work with you in bringing community cohesion amongst the youth through junior squash coaching and youth development. In addition, support you with additional business development needs.

Our primary requirement is that your club is situated in a town, which has been through a scheme of urban regeneration; this is because your business can benefit from the latest developments and a collaboration with us can add value to the local community.

Community Centres

Are you a community centre with Squash courts? Not enough resources to introduce the sport to your service users? Don’t fret, we can help you develop a strong community driven grassroots junior squash programme with no impact on your resources.

Why introduce Squash at your venue? According Forbes Squash it the healthiest sport on the plant, further research has shown that young people enjoy playing squash as it helps improve their hand eye coordination and self-confidence, as well enabling them to make new friends.

Target locations:

  • London – North, South, West (including Kent)
  • Warwickshire – Coventry, Rugby

If you are based outside these areas, we would be happy to discuss a partnership with you.

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