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We believe to grow Squash, both partners and collaborations are the way forward to help the sport become more appealing for young people of all backgrounds.

As an organisation with a team from a variety of different industries, along with a passion for Squash, we have the expertise to help your existing provision in your local community.

Squash racquet

In recent years, Squash provision in local communities has declined due to funding issues or a lack of local interest.

However, the most common is seeing a Squash court being converted into a new fitness studio or making way for an extension of an existing fitness suite.

What this means, is young people from particular communities could miss out on taking up Squash and learning about the benefits of the sport, when it comes to community cohesion and most importantly health & wellbeing of everybody in the local community.

Why Partner with us

By working side-by-side through a collaborative partnership, together we can create sustainable, inclusive, and affordable Squash opportunities for young people.

With our extensive experience in Squash club operations (including squash coaching), aligned with a background in traditional and digital marketing, we work with you to give your Squash club or initiative a strong collaborative advantage over your local competitors and achieve G.R.O.W.T.H, with no impact on your resources or development budget.

The Onyx Squash Academy team knows full well how important Squash is as a sport and adheres to deliver upon the mission set by our founder in creating more opportunities for young people of all backgrounds to have access to Squash provision.

By partnering with us, we offer:

  • Help in developing bespoke Squash coaching programs with an emphasis on health & wellbeing and education
  • Long-term support for your Squash club with assistance from our very own professional business network
  • Professional marketing advice from a CIM-qualified marketer, who can help distinguish your venue from your competitors
  • Each month can post a blog on our website, with backlinks to your website, and share it across our social media platforms which will increase traffic to your website

Types of Partnership Opportunities:

We have a range of partnership opportunities designed to help your venue or team achieve G.R.O.W.T.H:

Independent Health Clubs with Squash provision

Squash Club Partnership

If you are an autonomous health club operation with 2 or 4 squash courts, we can work with you in bringing community cohesion amongst the youth through junior squash coaching and youth development. In addition, support you with additional business development needs, such as securing funding for new services.

Community Centres

Are you the CEO of a community centre with Squash courts? Not enough resources to introduce the sport to your service users? Don’t fret, we can help you develop a strong community-driven grassroots junior squash programme with no impact on your resources.

Target locations – London – North, South, West (including Kent) and Warwickshire – Coventry, Rugby

If you are based outside these areas, we would be happy to discuss a partnership with you. Alternatively, if your venue is based out of the UK complete the form on the Partnership Registration page, to discuss an international partnership.

In partnering with us we would expect you to adhere to our policies on:

Diversity & Inclusion

Our founder knows the leisure industry very well and has considerable experience having worked in Squash clubs based in Berkshire, Kent, and West Midlands, aligned with experience to make your venue profitable and appealing to your local community.

By collaborating with us we aim to stop the reduction in Squash provision in local communities by working in collaboration with Squash club owners, health clubs with Squash courts, or community centres with Squash provision.

Our Partners page lists the Squash clubs/initiatives we have partnered with.

Squash Teams Marketing

If you are a Head Squash Coach of a junior Squash team looking to increase the awareness of your team, why not contact us to discuss a marketing partnership?

We have the resources, global connections, and means to help grow awareness of your team, in addition together we can help you look at potential sponsorship opportunities for your team.

Check out this video of one of the young players from The Kawmbwa Squash Club, our partners in Zambia taking part in the Ndola Squash Invitational:

Should your team be internationally based, we have a team of associates, who come from different cultural backgrounds and share our passion for growing Squash participation, along with business sustainability for your Squash team in the form of local recognition and much more…

Squash Talent Mentoring

If you are a young Squash talent with no representation and need advice, contact us to discuss how we can facilitate any opportunities in Squash to help you progress into the professional ranks. Visit our Talent Support Program page for details on this collaboration.

Our Talent page showcases the Squash players we currently support.

Join us in creating more opportunities for young people

The Onyx Squash Academy is well positioned to help your Squash provision in your local community and drive awareness.

By teaming up with Onyx Squash Academy, you’re not just making a partnership – you’re fostering the dreams of young individuals who aspire to thrive in the world of squash.

Your partnership will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of squash and empowering these young athletes to excel both on and off the court.

To request an initial discussion to hear more about our mentioned partnership opportunities, complete the form on our Partnership Registration page to discuss ways we can work together in growing Squash’s provision for more young people from different communities.