Our Talent

Not only have we collaborated with Squash clubs, but we also support talented Squash players from different parts of the continent, as part of our Talent Support program.

With our extensive connections in business and our robust marketing expertise – we believe in helping Squash players raise their profile in order to become the best role models for the sport, along with providing them any assistance in making them local, national, or international success on/off the Squash court.

Our current talent roster

We are proud to be supporting the following Squash players:

Hassant Farooqi – England 

Hasnaat Farooqi

Born and raised in Harrow, the home of Squash; Hassant is one of the most talented Squash players of his generation with title success at junior Squash level at a local and national level. He has the makings of becoming the first-ever Squash world champion from Harrow.

Jean-Marie Besombi – Congo

Jean-Marie Besombi

Jean-Marie Besombi is one of Congo’s most successful Squash players with a number of local and national titles, including XXL Squash Open and the Congo’s Open Westville Country. He has played in some of the major Squash tournaments in Africa, including the Lago International Squash Classic, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Freddy Nzama – Congo

Freddy Nzama Mwimbi

Freddy is another talented Squash player and is on course to becoming the next household name in Squash from the Congo. He is a part of the BA Kolo Squash Club and helps in coaching sessions for young children.

How we help Squash Players

We believe Squash players of all backgrounds/cultures deserve to be on the same level as any sports athlete and need an extra platform to raise their profile in the sport too.

As a business, our founders and associates pride themselves on supporting and acting in your best interests to ensure that every decision is taken with a view to maximising your full potential, as a Squash player.

Our Talent Support program offers you support in getting your name out there in front of potential partners, including advice on public relations and facilitating sponsorship deals.

Unlike most sports agents, we work with you to get you noticed by strategising ways to help raise your profile in the Squash community (locally and globally) and endeavor to make you a star in the global Squash community. 

In return, you become a brand ambassador of the Onyx Squash Academy.

We make you shine as a role model to young people of all cultural backgrounds, in the emerging countries in which Squash is becoming popular. 

All we ask from you is that act in a positive and professional manner on/off the court.

Let us make you a Squash star

If you want to join our talent roster, get in touch with us by email at info@onyxsquash.org.uk to set up a meeting to see about raising your profile to get you in front of potential sponsors and make you the next BIG talent in Squash that everyone knows and young people want to aspire to be.