Spotlight on Squash in the North West Midlands

When people think about Squash in the West Midlands, Birmingham is usually the first city that comes to mind. However, in the northern part of the West Midlands, there is also a strong Squash community; places like Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, and Wolverhampton are all areas where Squash is played, and enjoyed by people of all abilities.

NorWest Midlands

Our founder spent a decade in the North West Midlands and was once offered the opportunity to become the chair of his university’s Squash club, but he turned it down for unknown reasons. He later realized the social value of Squash, which led to the establishment of the Onyx Squash Academy.

Dudley the heart of the Industrial Revolution

Dudley is known for being the heart of the Industrial Revolution with a strong appreciation for Squash. The town has several venues to play Squash, including David Lloyd Dudley, Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Crystal Leisure Centre, Duncan Edwards Leisure Centre, and Village Gym.

Each venue is a part of the Staffordshire Squash group, an association that governs local Squash.

In terms of a venue that stands standout amongst them all, the Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is the one that is the benchmark for all venues to follow.

Dudley Squash

The Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is a top-rated venue accredited by England Squash, just like the Priory Club in Birmingham. It’s committed to promoting squash development and is one of the leading clubs in the region. The club welcomes players of all skill levels to join its community.

The club has six indoor courts, which is a testament to its dedication, one of which the Roy Bradley glass-backed exhibition court takes centre stage, providing an arena where the players’ prowess shines, captivating over 100 spectators in its illustrious embrace.

Sandwell, the metropolitan borough

Sandwell is another industrial town in the West Midlands, although it is not well-known, it has several venues where you can play Squash, such as Haden Hill Leisure Centre, Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre, and Tipton Sports Academy. Interestingly, there are no Squash courts in West Bromwich, a town in Sandwell that is more famous for its association with West Bromwich Albion FC – one of the many football clubs in the West Midlands.

Despite no private Squash club, each leisure centre with Squash provision is well-presented and visitors can enjoy a friendly game with other users.

Walsall the forgotten town

Walsall is often considered a forgotten town, but it also has been home to a famous Squash club – Sprintz Health & Fitness Club, back in this family-owned venue (plus a favourite of our founder) was the first Squash venue in Walsall with six courts, but later went down to three courts.

Front of Sprintz Health & Fitness Club

Sprintz Health & Fitness Club, Walsall’s most popular Squash club (credit: Sprintz Leisure Ltd)

Unfortunately, Sprintz ceased trading in 2018, which was a shock for us – nevertheless, we were pleased to see the Squash is growing thanks to the Oak Park Living Centre which is home to Oak Squash Club.

Wolverhampton – Birmingham’s city cousin

Wolverhampton is often seen as Birmingham’s city cousin has several Squash venues, including Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, University of Wolverhampton Sports Centre, Rugeley Leisure Centre and Bilston-Bert Williams Leisure Centre, which is a part of Wolverhampton Active.


Credit: WLTSC

Out of all venues in Wolverhampton, the Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is the most prestigious of them all and played host to high-profile tournaments in Wolverhampton. With 6 championship size courts, 3 of which are glass-backed, potential members can expect a warm welcome and compete in club leagues and tournaments.

Unearthing the next Squash talent

Just before the 2022 Commonwealth Games saw the launch of Squash United an initiative for boosting Squash participation – now given Birmingham has programs in action, it won’t be long before we see more community programmes in the North West Midlands.

In terms of growing interest at an education level in Squash, Wolverhampton Grammar School and Tettenhall College have a Squash provision too, something that is very important when it comes to grassroots development, as there is a true progression ladder for youngsters to develop in the sport with the opportunity to play at university.

Oddly enough the University of Wolverhampton Squash team have participated in several local and international tournaments.

Final Thoughts

On the face of it, Squash is a popular sport in the West Midlands, and there are many venues where you can play it – whether it be in Birmingham, Solihull or the North West Midlands. Furthermore, the Commonwealth Games added more interest in the sport too.

Ideally, there is doubt the clubs and venues in the North West Midlands have the best Squash coaches and are looking to see a group of their talent one day be a part of Team England in the 2028 Olympic Games.

Whether you live in Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, or Wolverhampton, there is a Squash club near you, and it is a great way to stay active and meet new people.