Working at the Windsor Club

In the last few years, there have been a number of high-profile Squash club closures, but one hit home with me – The Windsor Club, in Berkshire.

As a top-class facility with five indoor top-quality courts, the inter-club matches were great to look out for and allowed the local community to get in the action by watching local Berkshire sanctioned Squash tournaments.

The Windsor Squash & Fitness Club

The Windsor Club (photo credit: Windsor Club Facebook Page)








Originally, the club had seven courts, but ended up being a first-class club with five indoor squash courts, with one glass back with spectator seating for up to 100 people.

Gaining valuable experience

I first worked at the facility when it was known as Cannons Health Club, Windsor, whilst at university during holiday time, I was shocked to see the club shut down as it was the place I first got hooked on the sport; now with the club no longer there, I feel the Berkshire Squash community has lost one of the prestigious clubs.

My time working at The Windsor Club, then recognized as the Cannons Health Club (now owned by Nuffield Health), was a great eye-opener as I gained great insights into managing health and clubs but most importantly how Squash is a great sport for socialising.

Even though the club was an adult-only club, I saw a gap to develop a Squash Academy as a means to produce the next generation of players from Berkshire, as well as boost the grassroots sports development in the community. Sadly, this never materialised.

Nevertheless, I took my experience from the Windsor Club to another venue – Sprintz Health & Squash Club, Darlaston; there I was able to bring the skills learned from the Windsor Club and bring Sprintz to the mainstream with a corporate edge.

Being a part of the Berkshire Squash community

When you think of Windsor, it is more associated with royalty, but in Berkshire, there is a strong community of Squash players from different backgrounds and ages.

With the innovation of outdoor Squash courts being a game changer of the sport and benefits the community, however, there is still a demand for indoor courts. Perhaps Windsor could be an ideal location for outdoor Squash courts? Who knows, but it would be great to see.

Since the closure of the club, there are only two leisure facilities with Squash courts – The Datchet & Leisure Club and Windsor Leisure Centre.

Final Thoughts

I hope one day the club rises from the phoenix and the management creates (either through acquisition or build) another great Squash facility in Windsor; as I feel the community is missing out on playing Squash in the context of opportunities for the community to participate in the sport.

However, if I won the lottery or were asked to front a Squash development in Berkshire it would bring my Squash club management career full circle.

Overall, the Windsor Club had served the community for 20 years and was one of the leading clubs in Windsor for private members, if not Berkshire plus the facility was open to non-members to enjoy the facility, especially those who enjoy networking after a game of Squash.

Blog post by Jermaine Ranger MCIM Chartered Marketer