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Our Talent Support program is for squash players (including elite), who are underrepresented in the sport and need that extra support to compete in Squash at either a regional, national or international level.

Squash Talent Management

Kind of Support

With our marketing and public relations expertise, we can facilitate or help identify personal sponsors, along with mentoring or any kind of extra public relations support.

Each member of our current talent roster shares the same career goals and ambitions in Squash; so it’s no different for us.

As a business with social values, our sole focus is to ensure that you receive the utmost support and nurture your Squash career pathways, in order to fulfil those ambitions.

On our Talent Support program, we offer both expert and personal assistance; along with fair advice and management to ensure you and your family receive the full breadth of our expertise, plus refer you to any professional services who can help with any other support you need.

What this means is by working collaboratively by removing the everyday stresses you as a Squash player could experience. In doing so, we aim to ensure all professional, and personal aspects of your career lives are closely supported – underpinned by a long-term public relations career strategy.

NB: We also help squash talent based in other countries, with the same support along with additional help in learning English to help with their plans to play in England or any other English-speaking country.

All discussions are confidential and require no payment.

To register for our Talent support program, please complete the form below with your details:

Visit our Talent page to see the current squash players we support.