About Us

We are all about community cohesion and the one thing with us is that we want to grow Squash participation amongst the youth.

founder of Onyx Squash Academy

We are the concept created by Jermaine Ranger, an avid squash enthusiast and professional marketer. He worked as a Marketing Manager for a independent family-owned health & squash club in the West Midlands. From his tenure with the Club, he was brought into contact with the England Squash as part of a project to create a partnership between for the Club with the governing body.

Having played squash at Inter Club League level, Jermaine noticed the social atmosphere of the game amongst people of different origins, encouraging the camaraderie and enjoyment of playing. Alongside this role, he became a member of a squash development group called the Wolverhampton Squash Development Group (WSDG) promoting squash opportunities to adults and children in surrounding towns of Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Together with a business associate, together they came with up the Onyx Squash Academy in late 2009, with the encompassing vision of using the game of squash to bring about community cohesion and to increase junior squash participation not only amongst the ethnic minorities, but as a tool means to drive engagement amongst young people from all sections of the community.


We have a team of experienced professionals who support us with their vast business expertise in law, finance, fitness and youth development.