Essential Shots for Junior Squash Players to master

As junior squash players begin to embark on their journey to becoming skilled players, mastering attacking shots becomes a pivotal aspect of their game, thus developing a versatile attacking repertoire not only makes the game more exciting but also sets the stage for strategic play.

Shots masterclass

These shots are the building blocks of an effective offensive game, allowing young players to approach each match with confidence and creativity. By incorporating these techniques into their training regimen, junior squash players are sure to elevate their game and enjoy the thrill of attacking prowess on the court.

Strategic play with shots to win

Squash player tips

Let’s explore the five key attacking shots that junior squash players should focus on honing:

1. Drive: Unleash the Power

The drive is the backbone of any attacking strategy. Encourage junior players to channel their energy into a powerful, low shot aimed at the sidewall. Emphasize accuracy to make it challenging for opponents to return. Regular practice of the drive will enhance strength and precision, turning young players into formidable contenders on the court.

2. Drop Shot: Precision at its Finest

Teaching the art of finesse is crucial, and the drop shot is a perfect embodiment of precision. Instruct junior players to execute a soft, controlled shot designed to make the ball drop swiftly and close to the front wall. This shot not only catches opponents off guard but also refines the touch and control essential for an all-rounded game.

3. Volley: Seize the Moment

Introduce the concept of volleying early on. Advise junior players to strike the ball before it bounces, allowing them to seize control of the game. Emphasize the importance of quick reflexes and anticipation, as a well-executed volley can put immense pressure on the opponent.

4. Boast: Changing the Game’s Dynamics

Teach junior players the strategic value of the boast. This shot is played off the sidewall and introduces an element of surprise by changing the direction of the ball. Encourage its use to create unexpected angles, catching opponents off balance and providing a tactical advantage.

5. Nick Shot: Mastering the Corner

The nick shot is a game-changer, especially for junior players. Instruct them on the technique of hitting the ball into the corner where the sidewall meets the floor. This challenging shot not only tests precision but also adds an element of flair to their game, making them unpredictable opponents on the court.

Comparison to racquet cousins


Attacking shots in squash, badminton, and tennis share common strategic objectives of gaining control and putting pressure on opponents, but their execution and impact differ due to the distinct characteristics of each sport.

In Squash, attacking shots like the drive, drop shot, volley, boast, and nick shot are executed within the confined space of the court, emphasizing precision and quick reflexes to dominate the opponent.

Squash v Badminton


Badminton’s attacking shots, including smashes, drops, and net plays, are characterized by fast-paced rallies and dynamic footwork, requiring players to cover the entire court efficiently. The shuttlecock’s aerodynamics plays a crucial role, allowing for steep angles and rapid changes in direction.

Squash and Tennis

Tennis, with its larger court and more extended rallies, features attacking shots such as powerful serves, groundstrokes, volleys, and overhead smashes. The game’s diverse surfaces, like clay, grass, and hard courts, influence shot selection and strategy.

While all three sports involve attacking to control the game, squash relies on close-quarter precision, badminton on agility and rapid exchanges, and tennis on a combination of power and court coverage. Each sport demands a unique set of skills, making the execution of attacking shots a distinctive aspect of the player’s overall strategy and style.

Final Thoughts

As junior squash players dedicate themselves to mastering these attacking shots, they enhance their skills and develop a strategic mindset.

The journey to becoming a skilled squash player is paved with the mastery of attacking shots. Junior players, armed with the knowledge of the drive, drop shot, volley, boast, and nick shot, can unlock a world of strategic possibilities on the court. As they weave these techniques into their gameplay, they refine their skills and cultivate a deep understanding of the sport’s nuances.

Young squash players need to approach their training with dedication and enthusiasm. Regularly practising these attacking shots will improve their technical proficiency and instil a sense of creativity and adaptability. The joy of executing a perfect drop shot or surprising an opponent with a well-placed boast adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Ultimately, the journey to squash mastery is a dynamic one, filled with challenges and victories.

Once armed with a versatile attacking arsenal, junior players are poised to navigate this journey with flair and finesse. So, embrace the thrill of the attack, experiment with these shots, and let the squash court become a canvas for your unique style of play. With each well-executed drive or precisely placed drop shot, junior players can contribute to the rich tapestry of this exhilarating sport.