How to play Squash in the new normal

With all talk about how Squash will be played in the new normal, we reckon there is going to more emphasis on cleanliness, and social distancing.

Coronavirus Squash Player

As Squash clubs have been reopening throughout this month, social distancing rules will apply to the sport.

Will it mean less camaraderie amongst fellow players? Maybe, but it is the name of safety and instead of handshakes after a game, have now you must elbow bump with your opponent.

New etiquette for all

The most important thing to remember is that there is going to new etiquette for both seniors and junior players, thus the following would apply in the new normal of playing Squash:

  • Check your health – check your body temperature before you leave your home to play a game; as one symptom for COVID-19 is body temperature, also if you are experiencing from any of the key signs such as loss of smell – it is advisable not play Squash.
  • Take more than one towel – have more than towel with you, as cleanliness is always a priority now, in this case, of a Squash game it stop the spread of smelly body odour and preventing other your opponent or other members too infected with any form bacteria.
  • Be mindful of others – when playing in a rally try not to obstruct your opponent keep social distance. If your opponent is showing signs of a COVID-19 symptom, ask them if they are ok and whether they want to continue playing; this shows respect for them.
  • Dispose of old grips – to prevent any illness or spread of sweat change your old racquet grips after three games, it is essential to keep a powerful level of personal hygiene about you.
  • Never wear dirty or stinky clothes on court – always ensure you have an extra t-shirt with you, if you are sweating, then out of respect your opponent change your t-shirt ASAP – as they don’t want to smell your body odour.

Follow this form of etiquette; you can enjoy Squash in the new normal.

For junior players, parents/guardians will have a responsibility to ensure their child is healthy and has a positive personal hygiene on/off the court – also respect the social distancing rules on the court.

There is doubt the court lines will change as part of social distancing rules – regardless, this will not have a significant impact on the game.
Always ask the club will have to show evidence on the cleanliness of squash courts, lights, locker room, court dimensions, cracks, walls, temperature, floors, ceiling, and humidity is up to standard.

Final thoughts

It will take a long time before Squash goes back to old normal, even if there are no traces of a pandemic in the atmosphere.

As for Squash doubles, this will be a harder to enforce a social distancing etiquette without having to stop play if a competitor has broken a rule of social distancing playing.

To sum up, it may feel odd, but in time, all Squash players will come to understand how these rules are in place to prevent illnesses and ensure a brilliant game of Squash in the new normal.