Effective Exercises for Squash Players in new normal

As we are in time of a new normal, all Squash players will need to factor in 3 effective exercises to do in order to get Squash fit; for either a friendly or inter-club match at their local Squash club.

However, the lockdown could or may have inspired some people to take up the squash because as it is a sport that healthy and fun to take part in, furthermore short videos of Squash drills on social media have given enthusiast the confidence to play again.

Some of the most effective exercises you can do in the new normal, whether you are a just getting started on your squash skills, or a pro ready at a junior or senior looking to get to the next level.

By adding these squash drills to your workout three times a week to add some extra punch to your game, after a 4-month restriction…


Video credit: phdsport.com 

Imagine shadow boxing, in which a boxer practices their jabs – as a Squash player, you can do a spot of solo training with your racquet – this is an enjoyable activity for junior players as it helps them imagine their shots.

This exercise allows you to work on your agility as you move between the centre T and the six points around the court. Imagine you are in play and push your body to move between the marks as fast as possible.

Stability Ball Back Bridge

Video credit: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Having a strong core is essential for maximising your squash skills. A great squash player has excellent balance and can maintain it as their weight shifts around the squash court.

In this exercise, you need to grab a stability ball and lie face up, with your upper body in the centre. It is essential to keep your feet flat to the floor and your knees bent. Lift your feet and return, one at a time, to work the core muscles.

Note, if you are junior Squash player make sure you are supervised by a qualified fitness professional and have the correct stability ball according to your height.


Squash Exercises

Keeping your legs supple is important, as your legs will take a beating during a high impact game of squash. Strengthen your thighs, glutes, and hamstrings with deep lunges. Aim for three sets of 15 on each leg.

Note, if you are your junior squash player seek advice from your Squash coach on best practice in doing lunges and consider practicing with a adult, who’s into fitness.  

Squash bubbies, social distancing on court

England Squash has introduced guidelines for both players and venues to follow as a part of a return to play plan, ensuring safe play on/off the court to ensure hygiene protocol amongst players.

Guidance for players click here

Guidance for squash clubs and coaches click here

In terms exercise, now if you are having played for a while, consider doing Ghosting as you perform this off the court in your garden, whereas the other exercises providing you have the space or equipment can be apart your home based workouts away from your Squash club or within a private space of a fitness suite.

In terms of Diet & Nutrition, check out our blog on Best Foods for Squash player.

To sum up, like most recreational activities it will take time for things to go to back normal but it better to be safe than sorry with many protocols to ensure player safety at Squash venues. Hence, keeping fit for Squash is easy to perform away from the court with the advances in technology and open space.