How Squash clubs benefit from juniors

Following Squash success at the Dunlop English Junior Open last month, it was clear indication that the sport has still popular amongst the youth.

However, given the spate of Squash court closures in the past few years asks one question, will there be enough courts for the next generation of England Squash talent?

Dunlop English Junior Open

Photo credit: England Squash

The answer, who knows, but there has been some form of cut off or enhanced concept to help Squash operators keep their courts available in the local community.

More schemes in schools

Whether it is a large or small Squash club operator, they should consider looking at the educational system in their local community, in terms of after school clubs or an enrichment program during breaks in order to engage prospective junior Squash talent.

As we have mentioned before, widening the participation in Squash has its advantages, notably less student exclusion and more student social inclusion.

Looking at the winning participants from the Dunlop English Junior Open, it was great to see a diverse number of young people who won in their respective categories.

Going beyond 6th Form participation

Like most teenagers as soon, they turn 16, their interests change – but with Squash participation, surely operators of Squash courts should look about work internships for this segment.

This would be a win-win situation for both the facility owner as the young intern can be a brand ambassador for the club and help influence the grassroots development in the community.

From experience, doing job internships, they can lead to greater opportunities; however, for a young Squash player he or she can eventually become a Squash pro or a resident Squash Coach. In addition, it will give them the confidence to continue to play well in their senior years.

New markets, new challenges for Squash

In conclusion, Squash in the UK is facing new challenges each day, in fact, each year – whether it be campaigning to keep courts open or looking at new ways to increase participation of the sport to new markets.

For us, as a challenger brand with community values, we support them and other local community initiatives to keep and put UK Squash on the map.