Ways to stay healthy for Squash

With Squash venues in temporary closure, keeping your immune system healthy is important when you return to playing, but getting into a set regime is equally as important, when venues reopen to prevent another lockdown.

Squash Immune System Healthy Tips

Whether you are avid Squash player, factoring in other activities alongside your Squash game, can boost your health could help improve your immune system immensely – hence, you will have a great game win or lose, at least you will well enough to recover.

What we learnt from COVID-19 pandemic, it has shown that people of ages will always ensure that they need to keep healthy and most stay safe; thus, this extends to their loved ones too.

Ever since the global pandemic, keeping your immune system healthy is crucial to your health and wellbeing – however, with venues shut down temporary it is going to essential to fit to play, as staff will conduct checks on participants to ensure safe to enter venue too.

Exercise and balanced diet keeps antibodies safe
Some of the best ways you can keep your immune system healthy include:

1) Hiking & Walking


A study by from Stanford University, linked 90-minute bouts of hiking and walking decreased activity in the part of your brain associated with depression.

The more hard terrain of trail hiking increases your workout intensity and you get to see more of nature.


Latest research has shown walking has become a popular activity during lockdown, so in a way it is way dual training activity with friends outdoors, given the government social distancing protocols on meeting up indoors.

2) Strength Training

Most fitness experts suggest strength training is an essential that can improve your coordination, better cognitive function, higher bone density, and reduced back pain in inactive adults, thus helping you look and feel better.

The NHS suggests some of the best types of strength training exercises you can do for a healthy immune system are:

  • Climbing Stairs (indoors or outdoors)
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, and Squats

For any junior Squash athlete, these activities can be a part of lockdown exercises at home with a dual workout a family member – in fact, walking is an excellent activity for the family.

Furthermore, any of form exercise or physical activity alternatives are important to our mental health and help us improve our performance on the court.

3) A balanced diet

Balanced Diet

Many nutritional experts have stated by not having the right foods can cause a nutritional deficiency and make us more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

It essential that you eat your diet comprises a variety of nutritional foods that can help you maintain a healthy immune system – always ensure you have a balanced diet of certain foods and have a cheat day – a sugary treat.

Some of the best types of whole-foods you could incorporate into your diet include grains, beans, nuts and seeds, from which provide great daily nutritional value along with sweet-tasting vegetables and leafy greens.

Final Thoughts

Squash is officially the world’s healthiest sport, but it is going to important to keep your immune system healthy, as we tackle this global pandemic to ward viruses and infections.

The top Squash coaches may need to have advanced training to help the both the younger Squash player, aligned with a key requirement for Squash pros to safeguard with their health in the off-season.

To sum up, all junior Squash athletes must receive lessons on health & wellbeing in school, along with practical lessons on exercise and nutrition in their PE GCSE lessons – as this is something is going crucial for helping them understand health issues such as obesity, in the modern society.

Not only should children have lessons on health & wellbeing, by allowing adults to receive lessons on why it is important to have a healthy immune system; could stop temporary closure of Squash venues and bring about a return to normal life in which recreational players can take part in the sport with no social distancing (but moderate) rules in place.