Squash stars who won the British Junior Open

The British Junior Open Squash Championships are seen the major junior Squash event that every young player from across the world looks to win.

As die-hard Squash fans descend on Birmingham this week for 2019 tournament, the participants competing in U14, U16 and U19 categories are looking to win as it lead them the path to national and international success.

British Junior Open Hall of Fame

According to the record books of the British Junior Open Squash Championships, there have ten Squash players (based on titles and world rankings in career) who have gone future success in the senior circuit:


James Willstrop Squash

James Willstrop 2002 Men’s Champion (Image credit Prince Squash via Squash Source)

  • Mohammed El Sharbogy – 3 x U19 Champion
  • James Wilstrop – U14/U17/19 Champion
  • Nick Matthew – U19 Champion
  • Ramy Ashour – 2 x U13 Champion
  • Del Harris – 4 x U19 Champion
Ramy Ashour Squash Player

Ramy Ashour (Egypt) 2004/2006 Men’s Champions (Image credit – World Squash)


Nicol David

Nicol David

  • Nicol David – 2 x U14 Champion, 1 x U16 Champion, 1x U17 and 1 x U19 Champion
  • Lucy Souter – 4 x U16 Champion and 1 x U19 Champion
  • Omneya Abdel Kawy – 4x U19 Champion
  • Camille Serme – U17 and U19 Champion
  • Nour El Tayeb – 2x U17 and 1x U19 Champion
Omneya Abdel Kawy

Omneya Abdel Kawy

Looking at these ten exceptional Squash players winning the British Junior Open Squash Championship has done wonders for these players, especially British players – James Wilstrop and Nick Matthew.

The path to future success

If you look at sports with a development ladder to the senior ranks, such as Formula 1 and Indycar; those young guns who haves done well at the grassroots level in winning major titles and competitions are instantly going to attract a lot of media attention.

However, on the other side the player who finishes 2nd and 3rd place, could go onto becoming a future Squash no.1 as they have learnt from a young age how to deal with setbacks.

For a young overseas player, winning the British Junior Open Squash title does wonders for their career in England, notably with University applications plus recognition amongst people from the same country who reside in the UK, with a view of getting young people into the sport too.

Either way, whether they are from Egypt or Great Britain, they will now have the support of the respective Squash governing body in terms of career development and mentoring on to future Squash success.

In conclusion, for the young man and woman wins 2019 British Junior Open Squash Championship in any category will instantly become the star that everyone will want to see go on professional ranks.