Countdown to World Squash Day 2021

It maybe just 3 months to World Squash Day 2021, already there’s a positive buzz in terms of awareness for the day promoting our sport on a global platform.

World Squash Day 2021

World Squash Day 2021 (Credit: Squash Mad)

Just 100 days (now 96 days, at the time of this post), the Professional Squash Association put out a press release last week mentioning the theme for the 20th Anniversary edition is about putting the fun back in the sport.

100 Days to World Squash Day 2021

100 Days to World Squash Day (credit: Squash Republic)

This year World Squash Day takes place on Saturday 9th October 2021; a day before World Mental Health Day – hence it is great that October is the month of promoting health and wellbeing through various activities, platforms, and awareness days.

With World Squash Day 2021 has a significance following last year’s global pandemic that had a serious impact on the sport as players around the world lost out playing in tournaments dues travel restrictions and lockdowns in their own country.

Regardless of the imposed national lockdowns in the first wave of the pandemic, the global Squash communities came together to showcase ways of enthusiasts recreational players to get their daily Squash fix by producing content and sharing them on social media platforms until restrictions were eased.

On the plus side once the restriction were lifted some of the major tournaments were able to take place with a rescheduled date in line with social distance restriction, but no audiences in attendance.

Nevertheless World Squash Day 2020 took place before another lockdown in late October, hence it not people who love not give up on the sport and find ways once again to enjoy the sport in unusual surroundings.

Compared to other World Squash Days, we reckon this is definitely going to the best one ever as most venues are reopening and also the sport is embracing new innovations to get local people out playing Squash at their courts in their local community.

New Zealand aims for positivity with Squash

Already one Squash federation is kicking off their World Squash Day campaign early – New Zealand.

Our good friends Squash Mad highlighted in a blog post about how Squash New Zealand is aiming for a renewed positivity and way forward, looking towards its future with a unified approach led by the launch of the 2021-24 Strategic Direction, We are Squash New Zealand – Poipātū Aotearoa.

Having read the summary of their strategy on boosting Squash participation it is evident that the sport will be capitalising on it great legacy and use the sport as tool to help people to improve their health and wellbeing.

There is no doubt that other Squash federations will be announcing their plans for World Squash Day 2021, nevertheless we look forward to seeing them and sharing them as a means to say to the world Squash is very popular in that country and the sport is truly a platform for everyone of all backgrounds.

Plans for own global showcase

Following our new international associations with the Kawambwa Squash Club and Jean-Marie Besombi our first international ambassador last month, we have already discussed with them about putting on an activity in their respective countries to ensure that we are doing our raise awareness of World Squash Day 2021.

For us this will allow our partners the chance to create more awareness of the sport in their respective communities but also boost their grassroots efforts to ensure the ongoing awareness in an effort to allow young people to learn more about the sport too.

As for a UK event, well we are still working on that one and will announce something soon.

Keeping the momentum going

Just like any other sporting event or Squash promoter, expect us to be promoting World Squash Day 2021 throughout our social media platforms in an effort to get venues to put an event promoting the sport.

To sum up, personally, it would be good hear news of more squash provision being developed as result of World Squash Day.

Let’s not forget, Squash is truly a global sport and should it come another chance for the sport to gain Olympic inclusion, World Squash Day 2021 is going to be the catalyst to show the IOC why it consider Squash as it has a phenomenal impact on bringing about change and fun to for people of all countries.