Why introduce your child to Squash

There is no better time to introduce your child to the game of Squash; especially as Squash clubs are reopening after a government enforced lockdown and it is a great way to get healthy as a family in participating in sport. 

For any parent/guardian keeping your child safe from gangs or helping them to get healthy, Squash is perhaps the one sport that can make more of all round individual in terms of understanding people of all backgrounds and maintaining a good attitude to life:

1. Boost in agility levels
Squash is an active sport that involves a range of movements – leaping, spinning, stopping, bending, jumping, sprinting, and running. With children being agile enough they will be able to quickly stop, start and change direction whilst playing squash; in addition they will learn teaches how to maintain equilibrium around the court.

2. Improves hand-eye coordination
Developing good hand-eye coordination is an essential trait for children’s development – squash is the perfect activity to promote it further. Players must repeatedly see the ball and adjust their body and hand to hit back under competitive stress, which forces the body to hone in on target and destination. The coordinated control of eye movement along with hand movement and the body’s ability to process what it sees further boosts accuracy and finesse of movement.

3. Helps increases flexibility
Constant movement is an essential requirement in squash, in particular, meaning in playing Squash through stretching it will promote elasticity and blood flow in the body, therefore constantly playing squash will help to improve flexibility and ensure muscles get the most stretch out of every game.

4. Improves concentration
By playing Squash it will help children learn pinpoint concentration, hence from the very start of the game, eyes must be sharply fixated on the ball at all times. Focussing where the ball hits, knowing where and how it will bounce back requires mental and visual concentration at all times.

5. Helps them to get healthy
A few years ago Squash was recognised as a healthy sport, especially for boosting fitness levels amongst people of all ages. By playing Squash, kids will gain the ability to apply force by applying the swing of a squash racket to hit the ball as hard, fast, and accurate as possible. Furthermore, children of all ages will be able maintain a healthy weight as there is a lot of strength required in a squash game.

6. Develops social skills
Just like senior game at an inter-club level, in which there is a lot of camaraderie – thus children can feel confident in making new friends if a part of an academy your child is bound to make friends with other children, from parents/guardians will do the same with one another.

On the other hand, children will have the opportunity to participate schools in friendly tournaments and games with other schools in the local community, thus allowing kids to mix with their peers of different backgrounds as well as compete against them, which improves kid’s social skills.

7. Improves self-esteem
A game of squash can evoke feelings of elation whilst on the pitch and satisfaction at the end of the game, particularly for the winner. Regardless if a child wins or lose a game, they will feel a sense of accomplishment as well as develop their confidence.

Squash lessons in school are key

As we have stated before PE lessons are essential to Squash participation as if your child learns to play at school there is a strong possibility he or she will continue to play as outside of school times, furthermore as they get older they want to play at university too.