Why live streaming Squash is viable during Coronavirus

All major Squash tournaments are on hold due to the widespread coronavirus epidemic, it has caused a only major halt to a number sports tournaments; but for Squash this should not be the case, as we reckon technology can be viable a solution despite to no crowds.

Compared to other sports that are predominantly outdoors; such as F1, IndyCar, Rugby, and Football, which draw crowds of an average 100,000 – racquet sports are the only one that is fast-paced and have an indoor viewing option.

Just like Badminton, Squash too takes place solely indoors, also adhoc courts can be built and thanks to new technological innovations YouTube Live – tournaments can enable people can watch it live in real time with no ad breaks.

This will ensure fans alike global can still watch their favourite players in action at PSA sanctioned tournaments from a device in the comfort of their own home.

Looking at the reminder of the top tier tournaments 2019/2020, there are some can streamed via YouTube live in partnership with PSA and the World Squash Federation.

As for the World Junior Squash Championship taking place in Australia, this can still go ahead providing there plenty of medical resources in place to ensure the junior players don’t come in contact with anyone – however in terms of media this can be shown via free-to-view television channel or live streaming with controlled safeguard measures.

Other key global lower-tier tournaments, like the Bermuda Open, and the Asian Team Squash Championships should continue with no crowds but stream coverage into homes or on television.

With the talk about self-isolation, this should be not the case for Squash, as the top-tier tournaments not only played indoors with no crowds, but also live streamed in real-time. This will allow fans to engage like a webinar with commentators and fellow enthusiasts via Periscope – a free social media platform from Twitter.

In conclusion, the global Squash committees should consider tournaments with no crowds and live stream them, thus allowing players engage with their fans during breaks or after matches – in real time.

Overall, it would a win-win for all stakeholders alike until there is a remedy for coronavirus outbreak, also it help keep the interest of Squash going for fans.